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Rationel & Velfac Doors

Keystone Supplies Limited is based in the historic market town of Chesterfield, Derbyshire.
As an independent supplier of timber windows, doors, flooring and furniture, Keystone Supplies have the ability to design and supply entire projects, meeting the requirements of any particular development.

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Rationel & Velfac Doors

Keystone Supplies Limited is proud to introduce our Alu-Clad Doors, a pinnacle of quality, safety, and durability in modern door design. These doors seamlessly blend the elegance of timber with the strength of aluminium, offering a perfect harmony of aesthetics and functionality.
Quality is at the heart of our Alu-Clad Doors. We select the finest timber and aluminium materials, employing advanced manufacturing techniques to create doors that exemplify excellence. The result is a fusion of natural beauty and modern durability, ensuring your doors stand the test of time.
Safety is a priority in our Alu-Clad Door design. Our doors come equipped with robust locking systems and reinforced structures, offering a secure barrier for your home or business. We understand that security is non-negotiable, and our doors provide peace of mind, all while exuding timeless style.


Rationel & Velfac Doors that Embody Unparalleled Quality, Safety, and Durability

Keystone Rationel & Velfac Doors

Durability is inherent in our Alu-Clad Doors. The aluminium cladding protects the timber from environmental elements, ensuring minimal maintenance and a long-lasting,
attractive finish. These doors are built to withstand harsh conditions and retain their integrity, making them an investment in both style and reliability.
Choose Keystone for Alu-Clad Doors that embody unparalleled quality, safety, and durability, enhancing the beauty and security of your space with a touch of timeless elegance.



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